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Elaine and Fred Stenman welcome you to our online version of the Stenman Studios.  The themes for most of our carvings are rural and wildlife scenes.  Our pieces are usually a combination of very shallow relief, augmented with woodburned background details.

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House by Road Carving

Light and Boat Carving


Flying Ducks Carving

In this new updated website, we can offer you, the carver, the ability to purchase not only our completed works of art, but also patterns that you can purchase, down load and carve in the comfort of your own home. In addition, we have available DVDs that you can purchase to assist you in completing your carving.


About twenty years ago, Elaine and I started to develop our own unique style of relief woodcarving.  The idea grew out of one of the many art and craft skills that Elaine had become proficient at while a co-owner of a small craft store.  Elaine learned to make and teach a number of different crafts. Among the most popular of these were macrame', silk flower arranging and seasonal ornamental crafts.

From time to time, wholesale suppliers would offer classes to promote new product lines or to give retailers instruction on how to use and promote various products that they carried.  On one of the occasions the class was on a very simple country relief woodcarving technique. Elaine encouraged me to take the class. Even though I was not bitten by the carving bug, Elaine was.

As time went on, Elaine spent more time developing her skill as a relief woodcarver.  Initially most of the designs were simple and derived from pattern books etc.  But at an early stage original Stenamn designs were worked into the carvings.

A division of labor was also set early on.  Elaine continued to grow as a carver, and I drew more and more of the designs.  Today, each individual carving starts with one or more main points of interest.  These consist of wildlife such as loons, geese, bear, moose, etc or buildings like barns, cabins or possibly an old water mill.  Normally, the major elements are carved.  The background details must be individually drawn on each carving taking into consideration the knots, unusual wood grain or board shape.  All of the details are then woodburned.  Each piece is then painted with very thin acrylic paint and a halo of burnt umber stain is applied.  There are four to six coats of hand rubbed varnish on each piece.


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